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  • Why are our bags unique?
    This is the first Designer Branded Tallit and Tefillin bag sets by Savile Row Company London who are established at the heart of Mens Fashion Home in London , This set has been designed to be enjoyed by Jewish People all over the world. The bags have been designed for practical daily use by the most practical daily shul goer. Our bags are designed to be used as an all day bag, allowing space for a laptop, documents, and any personal effects you may travel with to work or abroad.
  • How do I differentiate between Rashi and Rabeinu Tam Tefillin bags?
    Please daven in the way you were taught by your teachers or Parents, if you use two sets of Tefillin we have included a second Tefillin bag for you so we suggest you remove leather from 1 of the Tefillin Bag Zippers to differentiate between R' and R' T.
  • What material is used to make our bags?
    Real Natural Grain Leather which is softer and more durable than Saffiano Leather. Fabric sourced in India and metal zippers, buttons and toggles.
  • Can I get my bag embroidered with a name?
    We do not offer that service but many clients have bought a set and sent it to a local specialist on Etsy - to have their name added either by embroidery or sewn printed leather.
  • How long will my Tallit and Tefillin set take to arrive?
    Orders in the UK will arrive within 3-5 days. Outside the UK please allow up to 4 weeks.
  • Can I return my purchase?
    We only accept returns if the product is damaged before use.
  • What packaging is used for Delivery?
    Our Products are packaged in Cardboard, Padding and Paper. Please recycle.
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