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Customer Care

We are a Manufacturer and Distributor of the finest unique products. We offer a 5* product for you or the product user. We put passion into our products and we really hope our products are enjoyed by all who use them. Real Leather Designer Tallit and Tefillin bag, designed to be used every weekday by the regular daily shul goer. This elegant shoulder bag has loads of secret zipped pockets, space for Seforim, Gelt, private items and/or work computer. The inbuilt mirror makes sure your Rosh Tefillin is in the correct place throughout davening. This new bag oozes class, with its paisley patterned lining and new leather smell this bag set will make you feel like a mensh when you Daven. Remove leather from 1 of the Tefillin Bag Zippers to differentiate between R' and R' T.

Privacy & Safety

We do not share or store any of your information after a sale is made and fulfilled.

Wholesale Inquiries

We will appoint distributors in all countries if you are interested please get in touch. We will offer Wholesale Prices for order of 100+ of any item.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Apple Pay / Google Pay

- Bank Transfer

- Cash

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